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Welcome to visit AladdinGrass - the closest thing to real grass!
As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated manufacturer with yearly capacity of 5 million square meters,AladdinGrass draws on 12 years expertise,creativity,considerate service and love in supplying superior product to meet your personal wishes.
By our in-house R&D department and high quality partners, AladdinGrass is the all-round manufacturer of artificial grass to supply Landscape & Lawns, Leisure, FIFA 1 & 2 star certified football fields and FIH certified hockey fields and a range of top quality artificial grass products for tennis,paddle,golf and multi-playground.
More than 10 million square meters of AladdinGrass has already been installed in Europe, Middle East, U.S, South America, Australia, South Africa and Japan. One of our European customers described our grass as follows: “Even the birds can’t recognize it is artificial.” And this is what we constantly aim for.
Our mission is to support customers with personalized service and innovative solutions.We guarantee excellent product quality by cooperating with dependable raw material suppliers only.We are flexible and creative manufacturer of artificial grass and we can think out of box.We supply tailor made artificial grass for every situation.

We were born to green your life!!!