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Landscapes & lawns

 Artificial grass with a nature look & feel for gardens,parks,roadsides and roundabouts
These high-grade landscaping grass are created by AladdinGrass on the basis of the nature look & feel principle. Most of our landscaping grass are non-infill products manufactured of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide yarns.The creative,safe and confortable grass in our landscape & lawns range come with a 6-8 year warranty even under extreme weather conditions. Why choose AladdinGrass for landscapes/lawns solutions:
1)Nature look & feel,AladdinGrass developed shaped yarn inspired by nature.
2)Safe,pass DIN-18037-7,contains no heavy metal,safe for children.
3)6-8 guarantee even under extreme weather condition.
4)No mowing,no watering,just enjoy your green life every day.