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Welcome to visit production site of AladdinGrass.Each step of AladdinGrass production is strictly controlled by ISO9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental system.Our production process contains:

Tufting: Our state of the art tufting machines enable us to create artificial grass for any applications.

Coating: All artificial grass need coating after tufting.We have both SBR latex and PU (polyurethane) coating machine.Our customer can choose for a SBR latex or a PU coating,all colors of backing is available - black,green,yellow,etc...

Cutting: Our artificial grass can be cut to any size by our cutting machine.

Packing: After packing,the grass rolls are provided with a protective cover by our unique packing system.

White label producer: Normally AladdinGrass worked as a white label producer,after production we put customer’s label on the product,and this service is free of charge.