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This leisure & DIY project of AladdinGrass is the easiest and most useful way of selling artificial grass. The artificial grass can be cut to any size as per client’s specific wishes.The items are provided with protective plastic cover and packed in a cardboard with customer’s private label attached. Because of our effective production,we can deliver orders up to 10,000 m2 within 3 weeks or less.Production process for this project is:
Cutting (width) - 400cm-wide rolls can cut into smaller widths of 100,133 or 200cm.
Cutting (length) - The small rolls can be cut to any length.The most common lengths are 400 and 500cm.
Rolling - Each small roll can be rolled up wither with pile inside or outside.
Wrapping & Sealing - A transparent plastic sheet is wrapped around the roll to protect it. During this process,customer’s private labels can be put on the roll.
Packing: Rolls are packed by hand in cardboard,every box can be printed with the customer’s logo,name or picture. Every box is wrapped in a shrink plastic to protect it during transportation.